DJ Epidemix
Dale, A.K.A. DJ Epidemix, first picked up DJing way back in the 80s. These were the early days of Hip-Hop and Dance Music. And like so many other kids of the day, Epidemix wanted to be the next Grandmaster Flash or Jam Master Jay. Even before he picked up his first set of headphones, young Epidemix would hear other DJs on the radio and say to himself: “I can do that!”
Epidemix honed his DJ and MC skills under the tutelage of Chicago legend David “Mixin” Dixon, son of late jazz great Willie Dixon. Soon, DJ Epidemix was spinning the "wheels of steel" at great 80s clubs like the Grand Central Station, The Network, and Florentine Gardens. More recently he has spun at various hot spots like Guy’s Nightclub in Beverly Hills, the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, and the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica.
Carlo, A.K.A. DJ C-Lo, began his DJ career only a few short years ago. However, as the son of a long-time entertainment administrator, C-Lo has been involved in the industry since he was a small boy. That life experience gave C-Lo an instinctive ability to quickly learn and master the art of party rockin’!
DJ C-Lo has performed at several venues throughout the Southland, including the Anaheim and San Diego Convention Centers, the world famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs.
DJ Tone
Tony, A.K.A. DJ Tone, started spinning back in the early 90s. He was amazed that popular DJs of the day like Tony G, M-Walk, and Joe Cooley, were able to express themselves with just two turntables and a mixer!  Tony got to work and was soon rocking neighborhood parties, quinceañeras, weddings, and school dances.  It didn't take long for DJ Tone to become a master at reading the crowd.  He makes it his mission to know what to play, and when to play it!
DJ Tone has rocked numerous locations throughout Southern California over the years.  He has played at several nightclubs, like the Forbidden City in Hollywood.  His unique style can be heard in hot spots from South Los Angeles to the Inland Empire.
DJ E.T. (true name unpronounceable by humans) hails from the planet Jamatron. DJ E.T. began spinning on the wheels of steel at the tender young age of 162. Since then DJ E.T. has earned the reputation as one of the hottest and hardest working DJs in the Delta Quadrant. DJ E.T. has worked with several well-known acts like The Cylons, Romulan Rockers, and Wookie Cookies. He was even the DJ for the inter-galactically famous Cantina Band from the original Star Wars movie!
After rocking parties and events in his own solar system for more than a millennium, DJ E.T. left Jamatron and joined the Party Planet DJs here on Earth. And though he now elects to remain behind the scenes these days, DJ E.T. still plays a crucial part in the success of the Party Planet DJs. Listen close and you might even hear his distinctive voice on a Party Planet DJs mix! 
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